A letter to our City Makers

City Makers include the teachers, nurses and social workers who make London life possible. They also include the actors, artists, musicians and architects who make London sing. A letter explaining what we're doing about high rents

Become a Cohouse partner

CoHouse tenants come to us via referrals from our fast growing network of CoHouse partners, which include employers, trade bodies and mission-led organisations promoting inclusive growth

Invest in CoHouse

CoHouse gives ESG and impact-focused investors opportunities to generate market level rental returns alongside benchmarked social and environmental impact

CoHouse offers a new kind of affordable home to the people who make London epic — our City Makers.

We’ve reimagined renting so keyworkers, artists, creatives and people without financial privilege can afford to stay and shape the future of London. CoHouse tenants pay affordable rents for a brilliant home and decide themselves when it’s time to move on.

It’s good for City Makers, the organisations they work with and the future of London.

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